Sarthak Singhal and Serene Joseph successfully defend dissertations

Congratulations to Sarthak Singhal and Serene Joseph who have successfully defended their dissertations!

Sarthak Singhal headshotSarthak Singhal completed his Final Dissertation Defense on October 28, 2019.
“Oxytocinergic Modulation of Neurotransmission in the Rodent Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Lateral Septum”
Committee Members: Charles Frazier, Ph.D., Eric Krause, Ph.D., Joanna Peris, Ph.D., Jay McLaughlin, Ph.D., and Barry Setlow, Ph.D.



Serene Joseph headshotSerene Joseph completed her final dissertation defense on October 22, 2019.
“Effects of Maternal Hypercortisolemia on Fetal and Neonatal Metabolism in Heart and Diaphragm”
Committee Members: Maureen Keller-Wood, Ph.D., Eric Krause, Ph.D., Charles Wood, Ph.D., Margaret James, Ph.D., and Nancy Denslow, Ph.D.