Congratulations Dr. Jay McLaughlin

Dr. McLaughlin receives two grants: NIH-NINDS 1 UG3/UH3 NS132600-01 (w/ Jane Aldrich, MPI) and NIH-RIDA R01 DA057884-01 (w/ Dr. Nazira El-Hage, FIU, contact PI).

The two grants are titled “Cyclic peptides to treat cocaine use disorder” (NIH-NINDS 1) and “Autophagy dysfuntion and compulsive drug seeking in comorbid HIV and opiod use disorder” (NIH-NIDA R01).

Dr. Jay McLaughlin Speaking Engagement
Gainesville, FL; May 17, 2023

Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory Research Day

“HIV-1 Tat protein mediates CNS dysfunction and behavioral deficits: and accelerates aging?”