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Meera Rath successfully defends her dissertation

Congratulations to Meera Rath for successfully defending her dissertation, “Exploring the role of microglia in chronic voluntary binge ethanol consumption mouse model,” on Oct. 21. Committee members included Bin Liu, Ph.D.; Joanna Peris, Ph.D.; Jay McLaughlin, Ph.D.; Stanley Stevens, Jr., Ph.D.; Eric Krause, Ph.D.; and Christopher Vulpe, M.D., Ph.D. Rath…

Congratulations to pharmacodynamics graduate student awardees

Graduate students in the department of pharmacodynamics Ariana Brice-Tutt and Lisa Wilson won awards from the UF College of Pharmacy at the Graduate Students Social on Oct. 13. Brice-Tutt won the Robert and Stephanie Ruffolo Graduate Education and Research Fellowship and Wilson won the Avery Advancing Women in Pharmaceutical Sciences Endowment Award.