Postdoctoral Fellows


Khalid El Saafien, Ph.D.

Khalid El Saafien, Ph.D., conducted his graduate training at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Australia; where he investigated the interplay between the autonomic nervous system and the immune system in the regulation of cardiovascular physiology. Following his Ph.D., Khalid moved to Gainesville in fall 2019 to join the laboratory of Dr. Eric Krause as a post-doctoral associate. His research utilizes an integrative approach involving advanced neuroanatomical, optogenetic and cardiovascular physiology techniques; to probe brain circuitry that control and regulate cardiovascular physiology.

Khalid El Saafien

Joined the UF College of Pharmacy in 2022

Satavisha Kayal, Ph.D.

Satavisha Kayal was born and had her early education in West Bengal, India. She went on to study for her MSc in chemistry at IIT, Madras, 2011, before joining Prof. Santanu Mukherjee at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India for her doctoral studies. After completing these in 2017, she worked as a postdoctoral associate with Prof. Masahiro Terada at Tohoku University, Japan until 2020, and with Prof. Daniel Seidel at University of Florida from 2020-2022. Satavisha joined Dr. Siobhan Malany as a postdoctoral associate in Oct 2022. Her research interests include applications of various organocatalysts in asymmetric synthesis specifically journey through asymmetric organocatalysis: from hydrogen bonding to Phase-transfer and beyond, and small molecule drug discovery.

Satavisha Kayal